Baby-Set "Peter Rabbit Park" with Name

After original drawings by Beatrix Potter
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The Tale of Beatrix Potter
When Beatrix was 27 she wrote and illustrated a letter about a rabbit called Peter to a young friend, noel Moore. More picture letters followed and the children who received them were so thrilled by these charming stories that eventually she desided to have them published.
Our porcelain collection consists of many different shapes and designs.
Careful workmanship and detailed decals gives our porcelain that special Reutter look.
All our gold decorated porcelain pieces are hand painted in 24k and fired in a kiln up to three times at 800°C (1470°F).
You will receive our porcelain in premium gift boxes.
Children´s Tableware Set 2 pcs
- Soup Bowl                (Ø 6.9 Inch)
- Childrens Mug          (5.0 oz)
Dishwasher safe
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