Cereal Breakfast Set "Flower Fairies"

After original drawings by Cicely Mary Barker
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The Rose Fairy
Best and dearest flower that grows,
Perfect both to see and smell;
Words can never, never tell
Half the beauty of a Rose—
Buds that open to disclose
Fold on fold of purest white,
Lovely pink, or red that glows
Deep, sweet-scented. What delight
To be Fairy of the Rose!
The Flower Fairies decals from the british author and illustrator Cicely Mary Barker have thrilled many generations. Graceful elves are taking you into a magic world full of joy and happiness.
The art was often copied but never reached, that is why we only use official licensed art from Cicely Mary Barker.
Our porcelain collection consists many different shapes and designs.
Careful workmanship and detailed decals gives our porcelain that special Reutter look.
All our gold decorated porcelain pieces are hand painted in 24k and fired in a kiln up to three times at 800°C (1470°F).
You will receive our porcelain in premium gift boxes.
This set is suitable for children and adults as dishes for muesli or snacks.
Muesli set 2 pieces:
- Cereal Bowl              (10 oz. / Ø 5.5 Inch)
- Mug                         (7.7 oz. / Height: 3.3 Inch)
Dishwasher proof
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