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• Do I have to create a user account for an order?


You don´t have to create an user account to place an order in our online shop. You can also order as a guest.

But as a registered user you have the advantages of being guided through the ordering process more quickly, saving multiple shipping addresses, tracking your order status and saving items in the wishlist.


»Register now and use your advantages!





• Can I also place my order by phone?


If you or a loved one without access to the Internet, would prefer to place the order by phone, please call under our service number. We are also happy to accept orders by letter.

However, the most comfortable and fastest option is to order directly via online shop.



Shipping and Delivery


The shipping costs are calculated automatically depending on size and weight of the ordered items. You can find an overview of the shipping costs here.

The amount is automatically displayed during the ordering process. Additional customs fees are not included.


Shipping takes place with our logistics service providers GLS and internationally with DHL.

(For large packages such as our dollhouse, we have to charge extra for deliveries abroad. Place your order as usual, our service team will contact you.)


Since we manufacture our items ourselves here in Denkendorf, Germany, the delivery time is usually approx. one week.

Depending on the quantity and shipping country, the delivery time can be longer.






• Can I buy individual items from a set?


It can happen to anyone and something breaks.

However, you are welcome to buy individual plates, cups, or other porcelain items from our children´s eating sets and tea sets without any problems. The set is complete again and the little ones as well as the adults are happy again.

Simply contact our customer service here.

For a faster process, please enter article number / name or send a picture.

If you don´t have a customer account at our Onlineshop, please tell us your address.





You can return the goods within 14 days of receipt.

It should be sent back in the original packaging to prevent any damage.

Please contact our customer service here for further assistance.


Personalized articles cannot be exchanged or returned.



Our porcelain


• Can I put the porcelain items in the dishwasher?


All of our porcelain items are dishwasher proof.

Because Porcelain is fired at over 800°C it´s very „tough“.

All porcelain parts, should be taken with care to ensure persistence.

To keep the colors as long as possible, use the gentle cycle or clean the items by hand, as a precaution.



• Can I put the cups in the microwave?


Theoretical you can put all of our cups, plates and other porcelain items in the microwave. But porcelain items with a gold rim should never be placed in the microwave.



• My children shouldn´t have to eat on plastic dishes, in which way is porcelain better?


Our porcelain is produced in high quality. It´s robust, safe and harmless to health. All Sets are non-toxic and FDA approved.

The porcelain is made with earth materials and the decals are burned into the porcelain at 800°C, which means that all of our porcelain parts are harmless to health.

Through normal use of plastic dishes, small scratches and creasings can occure. Bacteria can settle there or harmful substances can be released.

This is not possible with porcelain.


Due to the age-appropriate size and shape of the various porcelain sets, they are ergonomically adapted to small children´s hands.

The little ones learn how to use porcelain in a playful way and enjoy the meal in their own porcelain like the grown-ups.



Our miniatures 


Our miniatures are all made, decorated and lovingly assembled by hand. This requires a lot of patience, experience and a steady hand.


• How are the miniatures attached to the Wallpictures?

All miniatures in the wallpictures and on the decorated furniture are attached with a flexible special adhesive. As a result, they cannot loosen and remain attached to the wallpictures or the furniture.

Our “miniature compositions” in the high-quality miniature showcases (packaging) can be taken out for your own purposes or can be collected and given away as a gift.



• How do you get the decal on the miniatures?


Special decals are printed on the porcelain by hand and burned in at a temperature of at least 800°C. This creates a permanent connection between the colors and the porcelain.

You need a steady hand and a lot of patience to apply the images correctly.

You can get a little insight from our movie in which we show the manufacture of our products. MOVIE



• Can I have custom-made miniatures?


We do not offer customized arrangements.

Our miniature warehouse consists around 2 million individual parts, plus many different pieces of furniture and accessories. A dream for all miniature fans.

We hope you can find something suitable, at our large variety of lovingly arranged miniature compositions, miniature furniture and wallpictures.


Of course, we always look forward to your suggestions.

If you have a question about our miniatures, our customer service will be happy to help.



• Do you still have miniatures from your older range?


Our online shop includes all miniatures from our current range, as well as a large number from previous collections. If the desired miniature is not there, please contact our customer service. Please send a picture with a description to: kundenservice@reutterporzellan.com



Other Questions


• How can I find out the value of my porcelain set or miniatures?

As a manufacturer, M.W. Reutter Porzellanfabrik GmbH is not allowed to give any appreciation for its own products.

Please contact a porcelain expert in this regard.



• Do you buy older Reutter porcelain items?

No, unfortunately we cannot buy older Reutter porcelain items because we keep an extensive archive ourselves.



• Who can give me more information about older sets from Reutter Porzellan?

Please contact our customer service with a picture and description at: kundenservice@reutterporzellan.com



• I have a shop. Where and how can I get in touch?

Visit our website for more information as well for our contact page for reseller.