February offer - exclusive Empire Living Room Furniture Set - 4 pcs.

Unique Miniature Furniture in scale 1:12
SKU: 1.867/3
Delivery date: 1 Woche

Special pieces for a special flair.

Immerse yourself in a stately living room of another time with miniature furniture that we have specially selected for this offer.

The living room sofa and chair are covered with a beige and white striped fabric and golden highlights. The shapes of the wooden elements are designed to match each other.

The eye-catcher: the living room sofa and chair have specially carved wood decorations on the armrests.

With this miniature furniture, your living room becomes the highlight of the whole house!



Size Empire sofa:    W: 11.5cm  H: 8.5cm    D: 5.2cm

Size side cabinet:    W: 6.6cm    H: 6.3cm    D: 3.5cm

Size Empire chair:   W: 4.8cm    H: 8.5cm    D: 5.4cm

Size Empire table:   W: 8.2cm    H: 4.5cm    D: 4.5cm 



This living room furniture is available in limited quantities, only.

Offer includes the set of the four pieces of furniture mentioned above only. Pictures examples of decoration only.




Let us introduce you to our wonderful world of miniatures.


Our furniture and accessories are crafted in scale 1:12 and fit perfectly in every doll house or miniature setting in that scale. Skilled workmanship and attention to detail give our miniatures that special Reutter look. All our gold decorated porcelain pieces are hand painted in 24k gold and fired in a kiln up to three times at 800°C (1470°F). Our miniature masterpieces fascinate people all over the world and stimulate a passion for collecting.


Everything from Reutter Porzellan is decorated with love to detail and carefully made by hand, so for sure you will get your own little unique own.


Our miniature products are not suitable for children under 14 years old.

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