How does the name get on our porcelain?

Cut out the letters

Before the letters can be applied to the porcelain, they must first be cut out. Compared to the "dye-sublimation printing", in which a photo or a name is simply printed on a mug without permanent connection to the product, here is real handicraft still required.


Lifstyle Wandbild

Applying the letters

Applying the letters to the plate looks easier than it is. It requires experience and some manual skill. That is why this is done exclusively by our long-term employees in Denkendorf.

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Applying the letters to the mug

The same goes for the mug.

Also all of our other Porcelain Items with Name are created like this.

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The burning

Now our porcelain is fired again. When firing, the yellow base varnish burns and the letters are enclosed in the glaze. This means that all of our products are dishwasher proof.

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The finished breakfast Set

Even decades later, a personal breakfast set is a reminder of your own childhood and is something very special. Quality and childhood united in porcelain.

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For more information about "decorating our porcelain" have a look: Dekoration des Porzellans


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