Porcelain Clock "Lily of the Valley"

After original drawings by M.I. Hummel
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Berta Hummel – Sister Maria Innocentia
The worldwide famous Hummel-Figurines are based on the drawings of a nun in a Franciscan convent. Sister M. Innocentia was born 1909 in Massing, Bavaria as Berta Hummel. After her studies of art in Munich, she went to Sießen to become a nun at the Franciscan convent, where she worked and lived till her death in 1946.
„I only want to share joy“, was her vision, and we try to transfer her heritage onto our Porcelain.
Our functioning porcelain clocks work with battery. It´s reinserted and placed shortly befor delivery so that it can be used immediately. The battery (button battery) can be replaced by yourself if necessary. We enclose instructions for this.
Our porcelain collection consists many different shapes and designs.
Careful workmanship and detailed decals gives our porcelain that special Reutter look.
All our gold decorated porcelain pieces are hand painted in 24k and fired in a kiln up to three times at 800°C (1470°F).
You will receive our porcelain in premium gift boxes.
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