Porcelain Shop

Window Shops – Series 797
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Our porcelain shop is a real gem. It is hand furnished with love so as to indulge all your wishes. Among other miniatures, its interior includes plates, a soup bowl, saucers, serving plates, as well as lamps and vases. All china miniatures are decorated Blue Onion pattern. This fine blue pattern is the most prolific decoration in the history of porcelain. It was designed in 1730, modelled closely after examples from Chinese porcelain painters. The special gold design complements the china shop perfectly. The natural shine of glazed china and the sparkle of the gold let the miniatures shine.


Our store fronts are built of stained willow or birch and include the shop display window and door window. The glass panes are imprinted with frosted gold ornaments and protect the miniatures from dust. As we use real glass, there is also no need to worry about scratches or blind spots. For access, the shop door opens upwards. Individual pieces are fixed so they can’t fall out. All window shops can be propped or hung up. One can also easily upgrade the shop with LED-light by using the opening on the back side.


Skilled workmanship and love of detail gives our miniatures their own special Reutter’s look. All our gold decorated porcelain pieces are hand painted in 24k and fired in a kiln up to three times at 800°C (1470°F). Our miniature masterpieces fascinate people all over the world and awaken an undiscovered passion for collecting.

At Reutter we hand craft our miniatures with strict attention to detail and love, so that you can have your own unique copy at home.


Your original may vary slightly from the picture.

Our miniature products are not suitable for children under 14 years old.

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