Table Decoration with pink tableset, Candlesticks and Flowerpot

Unique Miniatures in Scale 1:12
SKU: 1.398/6

Let us introduce you to our wonderful world of miniatures. We have put together many small arrangements which are suitable for every occasion.


Skilled workmanship and attention to detail give our miniatures that special Reutter look. Most of our porcelain pieces are handpainted with 24k gold and fired at 800°C (1470°F).  Our tiny masterpieces fascinate people all over the world and stimulate a passion for collecting. All Reutter miniatures are carfeully made by hand with the greatest care.


Our little creations are the perfect addition to your dollshouse, miniature scene or classic setting. As all miniatures can be easily removed from the packaging, they can be used to fit into any of your creative displays.


Measurements refer to miniature showcases.


This product is made to scale and not intended to be used by children under 14 years old.

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Unique Miniatures in scale 1:12

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