Warming Plate "white"

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Warming Plate:

Our warming plates are perfect helpers when you feed babies or children. Through an opening, the double-walled children's plate - made of porcelain - can be filled with warm or hot water and closed with the cork, to keep baby food or other meals at a comfortable temperature for an extended period of time. No time pressure when feeding anymore. Boiling over, burning or overheating of the food cannot happen. This makes it way easier for the little ones to enjoy their food warm.

After filling with water, simply pour the meal onto the plate and stir occasionally.
The glazed porcelain is easy to clean after a meal.

- Warming plate with cork stopper (Ø 17.5 cm)

Delivered in high quality Gift packaging.

Our porcelain collection includes a variety of different shapes and designs. The careful workmanship and the detailed decals give our porcelain the typical Reutter flair.

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